Thank God for the red, white, and blue…

Pine Plaza (Pnvl)
Intro: Mt17:19,20 This stmt has always intrigued believers.  “..if you have faith..”
_ Not literal mtns? (Disagree!) I believe the Lord meant exactly what He said.
_ Probably always a problem area. (Either explain away; or misapply; Satan’s delite)
_ However, anything Jesus ever said was/is important. (?) He is the living Word!
Subj: The Secret Things Of Faith  (Pray, “The secret thgs belong to the Lord our God..”)
I – The Importance of this Statement (Start off with 4 reasons why is it important)
1. Important because of its emphasis. (Law of 2/3 witnesses?)  c/Mt21:20-22
¹ In both cases Jesus made stmt after doing something. (Demonized boy/fig tree)
2. Important because it explains why there is failure among God’s people.
¹. Remember the centurion w paralized servant? “I will come…I’m not worthy…”
*Israel was not in captivity to Romans because of Romans strength?  Traded faith/legalism!
². A lesson often taught the disciples:
Storm at sea, “..why r u so timid, you men of little faith?”
In Peter’s case, “..O you of little faith, why did you doubt?”
Sermon, “..anxious abt clothing..He not do more 4 u, O men of little faith.”
3. Important because it shows that true faith has unlimited potential.
¹ Its not has anyone ever moved a mtn!  The point, it can be done by faith alone!
_You must first realize how powerful this realm is!  Why? c/Eph1:18,19; (remember stmt, “..toward us who believe..”; Eph3:20
4. Important because it sets forth the realm of the N.T. believer.
¹ Everything Jesus did and taught relates to the New Covenant coming into place.
_c/Luke22:19,20 (B/4 resurrection; they didn’t understand) Luke 24:41-50; Gal 3:23,27-29
² Note stmt “..before faith came..”? – The thgs Jesus taught go far beyond
anything the O.T. Saints knew about.  When you believe in Jesus Christ a
total new realm of faith opens up.
_Understd this and many Scirptures will come together: “…believes in me..” “..Christ in you..”  “..God has alotted to each a measure of faith..” “I can do all thgs (movemtns)..”
³ See why it is said you don’t pray for faith!  Prayer positions you in faith!
Prayer makes you hear faith!  Recall, “Have faith in God.  Truly I say to
you..Therefore all thgs fo which you pray and ask…”
_Talking about?  The secret thgs of faith.  Four important thgs Christ stm’t sets forth.
II – The Secret Things of Faith (Briefly share just three things)
1. Faith requires that we hear the Word of God. (Only available on the point of believing and then to believers thereafter)
¹ Recall; “ comes by hearing..”  “It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing..”  “But u do not believe because…my sheep hear My voice..”
² Remember the Bible includes the voice of God to those who believe; “..u search the Scriptures..” c/2Tm3:14-17
2. Faith requires that we operate on the Word of God. (Carefully) c/James1:22-25
*Remember, “..whatever He tells u to do..” Not talking about a make sense realm!  Doesn’t make sense to speak to mountains.  Remember when Jesus spoke to me about giving in faith!  In six months?  Example: 1Kings17:9-15 (Sold our home; gave furniture away; sowed etc.)
¹ O, if Jesus wd just tell me to do something? c/Luke6:38
* Over the years I have watched people give themselves out of debt? One day I going to teach on finances.  Give one Scripture: Prov11:24,25  (Laws of nature are reflections)
3. Faith requires a proper relationship with God.  “..delight urself…”

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This morning we had our Veteran’s Day Parade at the VA Hospital in Pineville. I’ve been in other parades, but this one was a bit extra special for me. Perhaps it had to do with where it was taking place. Most of the people who lined the roadway were veterans, and families and children of veterans.  Some were patients at the hospital. There was a comradery. I have always felt at home at the VA. Guess it goes back to my Navy days.


Right to left - myself, Nathan, Rodney Alexander our state Congressman, and Woody Smith. (Not pictured were Art Baker and Eddie Ramer.)

It was so stirring to see the faces of the people, to see their smiles, to see the bright eyes of the children, and to hear time after time,  ‘Happy Veteran’s Day.’ ‘Thank you for celebrating with us.’  ‘Throw some candy mister.’

I’ve been in parades where thousands lined the streets. This parade had a few hundred. But it could not have been any more majestic and any more deserving. I thought to myself, ‘This parade is for you, my brothers and sisters. You are our heros.’

Every time I heard the marching band behind us play one of the military songs, I felt a lump in my throat. I wanted to get out of the truck and hug every single person there. After all, I am one of them. (Course I was driving, so getting out wasn’t a good idea.)  : )

Yes, there really is something that subsists between veterans and their families that speaks to brotherhood. It doesn’t matter if the veteran was Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine, Coast Guard, National Guard, the sense of brotherhood remains in place.


Eddie Ramer served in Iraq. Congressman Alexandra took time to visit with him.

And yes, I do thank God for the old red, white and blue. Just yesterday, Betty and I attended a special Veteran’s Day program where two of our grandchildren attend elementary school. I could not help but notice that in saying the Pledge of Allegiance, when it came to, ‘One nation, under God,’ the voices became even more invigorated. Yes indeed, we are one nation under God.

Reaching back into my childhood memories, two special things always come to mind. One had to do with my mother teaching me how to pray the little child’s prayer, ‘Now I lay me down to sleep.’ That memory remains etched in my mind.


USS Indianapolis

The other memory had to do with the ending of World War II. Yes, I well remember it. I remember the dancing in the streets, the jubilation, and news reels at the movie house. But most of all I remember how those of my family fought in that war. I simply idolized two of my mother’s brothers who served in the Navy, Uncle Holiday Carver and Uncle Grover Carver.

Uncle Grover was one of the few survivors from the USS Indianapolis. Uncle Holiday retired as a Navy Commander. Both saw plenty of action with the Pacific fleet. It would not do for me to join any service other than the Navy. So at age 18, young, immature, and brash, off I went to serve my country as a sailor. (Early years of Vietnam.)

My four years as a radioman saw me to the same areas that my uncles had served. I was in the Philippine Islands for a year and a half, abroad the USS Calvert for a year and a half, and in California for a year. In fact my Uncle Holiday gave me a tropical suit for my time in the Philippines.

Well, I’m not bragging, just thankful. And now it is time to put this entry to rest. Are you proud to be an American. Here is a song just for you…

Yes indeed – Jesus is a great Savior. You can fill in the rest.



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