The Story of the Little Eagle’s Heart

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I felt it would be good to show the ten subjects that have received the most visitors since I began my online journal. (Keep in mind that I’ve written 120+ entries with over 60,000 page views.) Perhaps there is something here that you would enjoy reading.

Here they are beginning with the entry with the highest volume of readers and following through to the tenth.


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And now once again, the story of the young eaglet who didn’t know she was an eagle.


The Story of the Little Eagle’s Heart


Somehow an eagle’s egg became mixed with a number of chicken eggs that had been set aside to be hatched. The little eaglet hatched right along with a brood of chicks. The eagle looked a bit different, but for all she knew she was just another chicken.

But something deep in the eaglet’s heart was restless. She had this tugging in her heart that could not be explained. The eaglet kept stretching her wings. It made the other chicks look at her as an odd ball. But since chickens do very limited flying, the eaglet simply had to accept things as they were.

It wasn’t just the stretching of her wings. For some strange reason she didn’t like the food that the chickens were eating.

Now that was a real problem. All the other chickens continuously looked at the ground for bugs or corn or whatever they could find. But this growing young eagle couldn’t keep her eyes off the sky.

So it happened. As was her habit, one day while looking up at the sky, behold the young eaglet saw these majestic birds soaring on the air currents. She couldn’t explain her feelings. Tears filled her eyes. Her heart-strings were being tugged at.

What kind of chickens were they? None of the chickens she knew could fly. In fact the farmer kept their wings clipped so that they could not fly. And it was getting close to the time for the young eagle’s wings to be clipped.

That’s when it happened. One of the majestic birds spotted the young eagle and flew down to check things out.  The great eagle said, ‘What are you doing in that chicken pen?’ The young eagle said, ‘This is where all the chickens that I know, live.’ The great bird said, ‘You are not a chicken. You are an eagle.’

Something went off inside the young eagle’s heart. It was like an eruption of all her pent-up emotions. ‘Is it possible that I am not a chicken?!’

She began flapping her wings as hard as she could. Her feet lifted off the ground but not enough for flying. The majestic eagle said, ‘You are doing it wrong. Come here. Climb on my back. I’ll show you how its done.’

Boy was she nervous. On the majestic eagle’s back she climbed. He spread out his mighty pinions and with a lifting of his wings, off they soared, higher, and higher. The wind flushed through her feathers. How wonderful it felt.

‘Don’t be afraid. It’s your turn. You were designed to fly.’ The majestic eagle did a backward flip and off into nothing went the young eagle. ‘I’m falling! I’m falling!’

‘No you aren’t. Just spread out your wings! You’ll see.’

She spread out her wings and fly she did. She soared and soared and soared. The young eaglet could not believe it. She could not get enough flying. On top of things, she had also found a great family of eagles to be with. They were just like her.


OK, so now you know the story of the eaglet who thought she was a chicken.

No, she never went back to the chicken pen. After all, she was an eagle and eagles are birds of majesty. They are designed to soar in the heavenly places.

Note: The eagle story has been told many ways. In this case I’ve re-adapted it to better fit what I see as the Christian’s call to live in his or her upward spiritual life.


How about you? Do you feel the call of the eagle’s heart?

Are you longing to fly? Take time to listen to this song. It describes the eagle Christian’s life. It is titled, ‘The Power of Your Love.’ Let it minister to your eagle heart.



In Christ always,